Saturday, August 27, 2016


We just learned that President Obama will addressing Pacific leaders and philanthropists at the East West Center on Wednesday evening sometime between 5:30-7:30.   JOIN US us at a signholding!     Following are details of the actions on Wednesday, August 31st and Saturday, September 3rd.   Read earlier posts to this blog for more information!

Tell Obama:   Stop the Pacific Pivot!
Speak Out Against the Crimes of the U.S. Military in the Pacific
Wednesday, August 31, 5pm
Meet at the corner of Dole & East-West Center Road

Bring signs if you can.  We also have a number of signs and banners (some of which you can see on our blog).  Bring water.  We don't know how long the signholding will last, but we may be there for several hours.  We'll try to get as close to the East West Center as we can (aiming for the front of Kennedy Theater), but at this point access is unclear.   It's also possible Obama may cancel this visit and if so we'll send out a notice ASAP. 

Speak Out Against U.S. Military Crimes in the Pacific
Saturday, September 3, 9am-noon
9am:  Gather at Old Stadium Park (King & Isenberg) for a short Rally
9:30:  March to the front of the Convention Center
10-12:   Signholding in front of the Hawai`i Convention Center

The walk from Old Stadium Park to the Convention Center is relatively short (1 mile).   We'll walk from Old Stadium Park along Isenberg to Kapiolani and then to the front of the Convention Center.   If you can't do the walk, join us at the Convention Center between 10-12.  Bring your signs, water and sunscreen.  

5,000 people have now registered for the IUCN Conference being held at the Convention Center, and hundreds of journalists are expected to be present.  This is not a protest against the IUCN, but is an effort to call their attention to the ongoing crimes of the U.S. in the Pacific.  These crimes are being accelerated as the U.S. "pivots to the Pacific" to prepare for a potential war against China, and Pacific nations are in the crosshairs.   Many attending the IUCN are ignorant of the U.S. military's environmental and cultural destruction in the Pacific.  We intend to make these concerns known.  Make your signs now!  

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