Tuesday, July 28, 2015

10-days in Jackson for Abortion on Demand & Without Apology!

Defend the Right to Abortion!
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PicturePanelist Liz Rees referred to the Jackson Clinic at a recent screening of "Vessel" and one of the doctors on the panel who provides abortion said "Willie Parker is my hero."  Dr. Willie Parker is the doctor who provides abortions at the Jackson Reproductive Health Center.   This sentiment was echoed by several people affiliated with Planned Parenthood Hawaii who personally knew Dr. Parker when he was a professor at UH's John Burns School of Medicine. 

Today abortion providers are under increasing attacks in the wake of the vicious campaign against Planned Parenthood and access to abortion everywhere.  This makes it even more important to support Stop Patriarchy's campaign to "Take Patriarchy by Storm" in Jackson, Mississippi.  There will be actions.  There will be a livestream testimony from Jackson (including with the owner of the Jackson Clinic), and there will be support actions at the clinic itself.  What happens in Jackson will affect what happens to abortion rights nationwide! 

Another comment we heard a lot at the film screening was "Where are the young people?"  While the film screening did attract some young people, the crowd was overwhelmingly older - veterans who have carried on the battle for abortion rights for decades.  So where are the young people?   We urge you to check out the Stop Patriarchy blogsite!  There ARE young people -- and they are looking for an organization that speaks to them, and allows them to speak!   

This campaign needs your support!   No donation is too small! 

For more information about www.stoppatriarchy.org (and its blog).

World Can't Wait-Hawai`i has sent this banner to Jackson!  Watch for it in news from Jackson.

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