Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One year after the murder of Tamir,
Sunday, November 22, 10am-noon
Ala Moana Park near entrance to Magic Island

Look for our tent with big photos of Tamir Rice near the entrance to the Magic Island parking lot.  The tent will have information about Tamir Rice's case as well as about other victims of police murder.  World Can't Wait activists and supporters will take information about the police murder of Tamir Rice to beachgoers and invite them to join the movement against police terror everywhere. 

As the Call to the National Day of Action for Justice for Tamir Rice states:

ONE YEAR ago, Tamir Rice was killed in less than two seconds of police arriving to the park where he was playing. The whole world has seen the video. First you see Tamir, a child playing by himself with a toy gun, with no one else in sight. At one point he puts the ‘weapon’ down on the sidewalk, makes a snowball, throws it, picks up the toy gun again. If you didn’t know what was coming, it would just be this cute scene of a child being... a child! Then a police car suddenly appears. Tamir walks towards it, the toy in his waistband. The car stops, and within two seconds a cop shoots Tamir. Though he is still alive, the cops do nothing to assist him or even to try and make him comfortable.

“Will the police get away with the murder of Tamir Rice? NO! This cannot be allowed!

“One year since the murder of Tamir Rice with NO justice for his family. A Grand Jury investigation has begun in Cleveland, OH but actions of county prosecutor Timothy McGinty have greased the skids to a repeat of the decision not to indict the officers responsible for murdering Tamir, as we saw with the police that murdered Eric Garner and Michael Brown and too many others.”

The cold-hearted police murder of Tamir Rice, the obscene refusal of authorities to even charge the police who murdered him for a whole year, and now the outrageous moves by the prosecutor to manipulate a grand jury exoneration of the killers—this is an intolerable outrage... and it is bigger than that. What is at stake here is what kind of society are we going to be living in? Let’s be real: If police can murder an unarmed 12-year-old boy playing in a park, a child posing no threat to anyone, and get away with it, what Black person, or Latino person, or Native American, anywhere, doing anything, can feel that they do not have a target on their back for police to aim at?

Nobody should turn their head and go about business as usual while Tamir’s murderers go unpunished. We cannot sit back and wait and see what the authorities are going to do here because they have ALREADY covered up this murder for nearly a year and they are sending out signals they are about to let the murdering police go free.

Which side are you on?"

Join us at Ala Moana Park on Sunday, November 22nd!   Hang out at the tent and talk with people, or join the teams going out to leaflet.  But be there!  

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