Sunday, September 18, 2016

From Pagan Island to Diego Garcia: U.S. Military OUT!

Chamorro exiles from Pagan Island  are demanding the right to return to their ancestral home. Pagan Island is north of Guam in the Marianas. What's stopping them?  The U.S. military's plan to turn the entire island into a bombing target and live fire range   For more information see and

Chagossian exiles from Diego Garcia are demanding the right to return to their ancestral home.  Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, was previously part of Mauritius. What's stopping them?  The U.S.'s use of the entire island of Diego Garcia as a strategic staging area for war.  For a current summary click here;for more extensive history click here, and go to  Chagossian Refugee group site.

These struggles are both linked to the U.S.'s "Pivot to the Pacific."   In 2009 John Pike, an analyst of the U.S. Military, said 
"Diego Garcia is  the base from which we control half of Africa and the southern side of Asia, the southern side of Eurasia ... If it didn’t exist, it would have to be invented ...“we’ll be able to run the planet from Guam and Diego Garcia by 2015."   The U.S.'s necessity to control both of these islands is even greater today as the U.S. implements its "Pacific Pivot." 

There will be an international meeting on the struggle of the Chagossian people beginning September 23rd.  One of the attendees has asked for signs of support from people in Hawai`i.  Make your sign - big or small.  Hold it up in front of you and take your picture.  Send it to immediately and we'll forward it to the attendee. 

Build a movement of resistance to endless war.   Link up with World Can't Wait nationally and locally.  Find out more about the Pacific Pivot.    Tell your friends what's happening in Hawai`i (Pohakuloa), Guam, Pagan, Tinian, Okinawa, Jeju.....  Post information on your facebook.  Send out tweets. Spread resistance on social media.  Only the people can stop the U.S.'s relentless march to war.

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