Monday, December 26, 2016

Get Ready for January 20 NOW!

Make Signs!  Get them up NOW!  Get stacks of signs ready for J20!    It's urgent that we create a a spirit of resistance NOW!   Begin by designing and posting them NOW, and then join us at four collective signmaking efforts:

*  Saturday, January 7th, Old Stadium Park (King & Isenberg).  2-5pm.
*  Sunday, January 9th, UH Manoa, Art Department (on-campus parking free on Sundays)
*  Saturday, January 14th, Old Stadium Park, 2-5pm
*  Wednesday, January 18, UH Manoa Sustainability Courtyard, 2-5pm

World Can't Wait will provide some cardboard and paints, but bring your own if you're able.

Get signs up in your neighborhood, on fences, on campuses, and at offices!   Send photos of your signs to   Need ideas?   Check out the memes on the local J20 website, or at the Revolution newspaper website.

Collect T-shirts!  Hawaii J20 needs every size, color or design!  Clean out your drawers and tell your friends.   Gather them all up and bring them to the UH Manoa Art Department office on any day except holidays.  The sooner the better!   Printmakers will be screening T-shirts for J20, which will be given away free of charge!    Remember all of the T-shirts they made before the APEC demos?  As soon as they made them they began showing up everywhere and helped build for Resistance.   (The new design will be screened over the old one.)

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