Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What's been happening?

Over the last several weeks there have been numerous "street actions" against the Trump-Pence Regime in Honolulu.  Here are just a few that World Can't Wait/Refuse Fascism Hawai`i were involved in. 

When James Comey was fired there were protests across the U.S. and we immediately sent out a call to protest at the Federal Building.  About 40 people came with creative signs, drums and other noisemakers to show their outrage.  Response from motorists along Ala Moana Blvd. was unusually enthusiastic. 

On Memorial Day some activists went to the Annual Lantern Floating event at Ala Moana Park to distribute the Refuse Fascism leaflet.   Response was limited.  Hundreds of people took the leaflet; some were enthusiastic; some were just curious; a few were upset and said they supported Donald Trump.   We met hundreds of people who were frustrated and angry about Trump's policies and were able to talk with people we wouldn't meet at demonstrations and intend to do more outreach in the community.

On June 1st World Can't Wait/Refuse Fascism called for an emergency action in response to the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords.  About 40 people came to the Federal Building on June 2nd - only 20 hours later.  The mood among the protesters was both disbelief and outrage. 

The next day, on June 3rd, we had a contingent in the National March for Truth that had been called by Women's March, Indivisible, and others.  Signs demanded transparency, an investigation of collusion with Russia, and action around climate change.  About 70 people participated.

On Sunday we joined the National Die-In for health care at the State Capital.  Medical professionals denounced Trump's murderous "health care" plan.  Participants held signs along Beretania Blvd. and staged a "die-in. 

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