Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What happened at the Festival of Resistance?

World Can't Wait/Refuse Fascism Hawai`i and Crossroads Mission for Peace, Justice and the Stewardship of Creation organized a "Festival of Resistance Against the Trump/Pence Agenda" on the beautiful grounds of Church of the Crossroads on Saturday, July 8, from 10am until 3pm.   We thank all of the organizations, speakers, musicians and artists who contributed to strengthening the movement of resistance to the fascist policies of  the Trump/Pence Regime.   Following is a summary with photos. 

Information Tables

28 organizations participated by setting up informational tables.  Throughout the Festival people networked with other groups and connected with people new to the movement.  


Participating organizations included:  Amnesty Int'l, Sierra Club, ACLU, Faith Action Coalition, Hawai`i Power & Light, Hawaii Healthcare for All, Kapuna Caucus, Refuse Fascism, Coalition for Palestine, Hawai`i SEED, Common Cause, Rainbow Family 808, AIKEA, Women's March, Drug Policy Forum, Community Alliance on Prisons, 350.org, Hawai`i J20, My Revolution,  Hawaii Coalition for Human Rights, Planned Parenthood, and Indivisible. 


Karen Ginoza (Immigration)
The Festival featured four 50 minute workshops on immigration, climate change, fascism/dissent, and war/militarism.   Featured speakers included Amy Agbayani (immigration), Mark Hixon (climate change), Kit Grant of ACLU (dissent), Sharon Uyeno (fascism), Kim Compoc (militarism of the Pacific), Carolyn Hadfield (expanding war).     However, in each workshop other members of the community shared their experiences, asked questions, and kept the sessions lively. 
Henry Curtis, Travis Idol
(climate change)

Mark Hixon, Climate Change)

Kit Grant (ACLU), Sharon  (Refuse Fascism)

 Some participants were new to the subject; others had a wealth of experience.  Many told organizers that they wish there were more discussions where a diverse group discussed particular aspects of the Trump/Pence agenda where they both learned and had the opportunity to express their own fears and thoughts. 

Those who attended the war/militarism discussion were especially moved by the presentation by Kim Compoc, a member of Women's Voices, Women's Speak. 

The Stage: 


Liko Martin
Musicians and performers were on stage throughout the Festival, beginning with a beautiful rendition of Kaulana Nā Pua by Hi`ipoi, and ending with songs by Laulani Teale & Liko Martin.  Entertainers also included James McCarthy and Tunji Heath, Elaine Lemon (fiddle), Don Conover & Ernest Harada, Sequoia (dance), Dave Mulinix & Sheri Pollack, and Anna Stirr.  Liz Rees MC'd.   Special thanks to Oren who set up and worked the sound system for five full hours!    

In case you're wondering about the stage props, they were provided by J20's Arts & Shenanigans team -- one manikin decked out in protest garb; the other wearing a flag straight-jacket.   . 

Kids' corner

Throughout the day kids (and some adults) joined the kids' art activities.   Thanks to Planned Parenthood, which brought their beautiful "coloring pages" and to Eric, who worked with kids to produce a beautiful mural of an ahupua`a, which is now on display at a Kailua pre-school.  

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